Hi List,

I have been thinking for a while about setting up my own rapidshare.comclone,
Few days back I went really serious with this and came up with some ideas.

This is where I need your help, my partner and I have been thinking about
system that the website should run on.
We came to conclusion that we are going to write it in PHP.

There are several issues that came up during the mind-storm:
First, how we can keep the files out of being published as direct links?

My first idea was to host them one directory up from the http directory.
It seems good but how I would deliver the files to the users?
We are talking about unlimited file-size hosting so that means that we
will have to stream the files somehow... and they will be BIG (it's
about 700MB~ each)

We thought of letting users pay by SMS'es, whats your ideas about it?

I'm generally looking after a "do" and "NOT do" list of creating a file
hoster ;)
If you have any general ideas / precautions that would definitely make my
partner and I happy :)

Thanks in Advance,

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