On Thu, 2009-04-16 at 13:31 -0700, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Paul M Foster wrote:
> >> Then I suggest setting up a torrent instead of direct download.
> >> You can have protected torrents. I don't know how to set them up but I
> >> use them - there's a torrent site that requires I log in from the same
> >> IP as I'm running the torrent client from, for example.
> > 
> > A torrent is only fast or faster because you can get various pieces of
> > the file from various peers or servers on the internet, simultaneously.
> > I don't expect that people uploading their private photos of their
> > girlfriends want them shared in any way, except with the eventual
> > recipient.
> > 
> > Paul
> > 
> The point of torrent isn't speed - but because torrent is excellent at 
> dealing with interruption in network before the download is complete, 
> and far less likely to result in a bad download.
> In fact - I've used torrent to fix files that were improperly downloaded 
> without having to download them again.
But a torrent in this case is entirely unsuitable as the op said. As far
as I'm aware, HTTP is fine for downloads, and it's served me fine using
it, but uploads are a different matter. Using FTP for both would
certainly solve a lot of issues however.


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