You don't need a character class here (signified by [] brackets); you can use

        $line = split('&|//', $field);

As you can see, this is identical to ReDucTor's solution, except that 
the brackets are omitted. Character classes only work for single 
characters, not multiple character strings like '//'.

        - steve

At 3:21 PM -0400 7/4/01, David A Dickson wrote:
>Thanks for replying ReDucTor but that didn't work either. I tried
>$line = explode("[(&|//)]", $field); and
>$line = explode("[(&|////)]", $field); and
>$line = explode("[(&|\/\/)]", $field);
>with no success. Any other ideas?
>On Thu, 5 Jul 2001 04:50:29  
>  ReDucTor wrote:
>>$line = explode("[(&|//)]",$field); should work, or you might have to put
>>//// but thats not \ so you shouldn't need to comment out the slash...
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>>Subject: [PHP] split() function
>>>  I have a comma separated spreadsheet with one field that contains two
>>dates. the dates are formatted as dd/mm/yy and separated by either '&' or
>>'//' ex:3/12/92&28/1/93 or 3/12/92//28/1/93
>>>  Problem: I need to split the field at the '&' or '//' separator but if I
>  >> split('[&//]', $field);
>>>  it splits on the '/' not the '//'.
>>>  Can I do this in one function call to split() or will I have to do it
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