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Thanks Jim. Is there a way to get the value of that unchecked box?


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I'm new to php.
Say I have a check box which is checked already. Now I need to uncheck

it and when I press the submit button, I should get the unchecked
Can anyone help me on this.


echo "<td class=tabhead align=center
style=background-color:#CC66CC><input type=checkbox name=disable
value=a".$count." checked DISABLED /></br>".$slot_value."</td>"; }
else { echo "<td class=tabhead align=center
style=background-color:#00CCCC><input type=checkbox name=enable[]
value='--user ".$slot_value." --ne ".$nen." --timespec ".$slt."'

One.php calls Two.php

$enable_slot= $_POST['enable'];
$uncheck_slot= $_POST['uncheck'];

if ($enable_slot){
echo "$enable_slot";
foreach($enable_slot as &$a) {
echo "<p>".$a." --unreserve</p>";

I get only the results only if checked. I think I'm doing a mistake in

the code in red font.


When you uncheck a checkbox in an HTML form, it will not be submitted.


The part on the above page talking about "only "on" checkbox controls
can become successful." is the key here.

The successful part links here:


This explains that the definition of a successful checkbox submission is
one that is  "on".
To have a checkbox in the "on" state means that it has to be checked.

So, any checkbox that is /not/ checked is considered "off" or
"undefined" will not be submitted because it is not valid.

Or something like that... :)

Jim Lucas

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What I do in this case is define it to unchecked in the php code and then use the ternary operator to test it

$checkbox1 = 0;

$checkbox1 = (isset($_POST['check1'])) ? 1: 0 ;


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