I'm setting up a directory for HTTPS: secure certificate which in the past
was just http:

- I purchased a secure certificate which will be activated soon...

Q: Do I simply redirect any links that previously went to :

relative links:


now to the absolute reference:

https://mysite.com/thisfolder/file.htm ?

Then, once inside the secure dir. I can then go back to relative links and
they will stay in the secure folder - right?

- - - - -

! BUT - what is the best way to lock out users from going to the old, NOT
secure folder?



- Someone mentioned modifying the .htaccess file and add some redirects -
I'll need some help with exactly how to do it - any ideas?

- also I imagine I can write some PHP code to redirect pages...

Q: what is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks for your help

Thanks - RevDave
Cool @ hosting4days . com
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