Hi guys,

I have a function inside which I set alocal variable to store a result. Can I 
access this variable in another function? if yes then how?

function tbl1($entrytitle, $entrytext)


global $conn;

$result= mysql_query("INSERT INTO tbl1(tbl1_id, title, text)

     VALUES('NULL', '$entrytitle', '$entrytext')", $conn);

     $tbl_id=mysql_insert_id($conn);// this is the local variable I'm setting 
to get the last auto increment id



Now I wish to access that variable in another function thus:

function tbl2($name, $entrytitle, $entrytext)


global $conn;

$result =mysql_query("INSERT INTO tbl2(tbl1_id, name, title, text)

                               VALUES('$tbl1_id', '$name', '$entrytitle', 
'$entrytext' )", $Conn); 



Or is there a better way to store the variable?

Thanks in advance.


Alugo Abdulazeez


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