I am getting some weird results on some pages output to browser.
Many of the listings on the site are in different languages (English,
French, Spanish, German, Portugese, Swedish and Italian) - Some author's
names are in those languages and some comments or reviews as well. That
means that some of the characters have those weird accents on them. The
problem I am encountering is this - the same browser displays some pages
differently even if the db is the same for the data on all pages. What
is not clear to me is why a page would display the whole text including
the é type of stuff and other pages show the character.
How could this be fixed?
Does the collation have anything to do with this.
My tables are all InnoDB with Collation as latin1_swedish_ci. Should
this be changed to utf8 ?
phpMyAdmin shows in the structure display of the database at the bottom
of the list of tables that there are 7 tables, Sum, 529 (Records),
MyISAM (Type), latin1_swedish_ci (Collation)
Why does the summary show MyISAM when all the tables are shown as type
I'm puzzled.
Anybody know what's going on?

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