Hi all,

Apparently, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] doesn't get set the same way when running PHP on IIS as when running it on Apache. Specifically, it seems to contain the script name only, and not the query string part.

I know I can rewrite my code to piece together a $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] from $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] and $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], but some instances of $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] are in third party scripts which would be a bit of a pain to fix every time they are updated.

It is a known problem since there are several mentions and workarounds to be found on the Internet, but I'm wondering which is currently the "best" way to deal with it. I don't personally run PHP with IIS, so I haven't encountered this problem before...but now I have a user who does. I could potentially have more users who encounter the same thing, so the easier the instructions and the less tinkering, the better. Is there a php.ini setting, for instance? What have you found that works for you?



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