Okay I'm trying to use fopen() to open a file just uploaded via a form. like

echo "<br>parsing uploaded file . . .";
$path = fopen($form_data, "r");

echo "<br>opeing a path . . .";
$thesize = filesize($form_data);

echo "<br>getting size . . .";
$tmpdata = fread($path, $thesize);

echo "<br>reading data . . .";
$data = addslashes($tmpdata);

but I get this error:

parsing uploaded file . . .
Warning: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 10294 is
not allowed to access /tmp/phpxyqF2z owned by uid 0 in
php3 on line 34

Is there some kind of safe mode that keeps fopen() from looking at the
tempoary directory where the uploaded file is stored?

The other error:

Warning: fopen("/tmp/phpxyqF2z","r") - Success in
php3 on line 34

When it says "Success" what is it talking about?

Is there a way around this? Maybe since I'm on a vitual server I need to
include a more full path?

I'm deeply confused.


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