On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 2:12 PM, Adam Williams
<awill...@mdah.state.ms.us> wrote:
> Is there a way to determine if a mysql query returns an empty set?  I am
> selecting 10 results at a time with a limit statement and need to know when
> i've ran out of rows.  I've only got 2 rows in the database, so when I start
> with row 10, it returns an empty set.  I have the following code:
> //running this query gives "Empty set (0.00 sec)" in mysql console.
> $get_requests = "select form_id, full_name, email, phone, division,
> location, date_format(time_of_request, '%m-%d-%Y %r') as time_of_request,
> contact_time, problem, accepted_by, date_format(accepted_time, '%m-%d-%Y
> %r') as accepted_time, resolution, date_format(resolution_time, '%m-%d-%Y
> %r') as resolution_time from form where ((stage = 'Closed') && (email =
> 'awilliam' )) order by resolution_time limit 10 , 10"
> //checks to see if it returns nothing, then print that you are at the end of
> the results
>               if (!$mysqli_get_requests =
> mysqli_query($mysqli,$get_requests))
>                       {
>                       echo "You have reached the end of the results.
>                       Please press the back button.
>                       <form action=/helpdesk/login.php method=post><input
>                       type=submit value=Back
>                       name=submit></form></body></html>";
>                       exit;
>                               }
> but that doesn't work, because I guess an empty set is not false, 0, or

It won't be any of those because the query is successful even if it
returns no records. You could use
http://us2.php.net/manual/en/mysqli-stmt.num-rows.php to determine how
many rows were returned.


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