Bogdan Stancescu wrote:
Hello list,

I'm developing a library and would need to know if the code calling my
library has already started a MySQL transaction or not. I want to know
whether I should start one or use savepoints instead -- starting a
transaction if one is already in progress commits the existing
transaction, and setting a savepoint silently fails outside
transactions. And I was unable to find any non-destructive way of
retrieving that information -- is there any?

I don't think mysql has any way of finding that out. If you're using an abstraction layer, it's easy enough in code - though rollback's are a little harder - should they do a complete rollback or just to a savepoint?

class db
  private $transaction_count = 0;

  public function startTransaction()
    if ($this->transaction_count == 0) {
    } else {

  public function commitTransaction()
    // you can't commit a transaction if there's more than one "open"
    // so just decrement the counter
    if ($this->transaction_count > 1) {
    $this->transaction_count = 0;

Now you can just call

and it'll handle the stuff for you.

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