Jan G.B. wrote:

> 2009/4/21 Per Jessen <p...@computer.org>:
>> Jan G.B. wrote:
>>> A web application that uses an external db server would be quite ...
>>> uhm... slow! Anyone did this, yet? ;)
>> Certainly, and it's not slow.  It depends entirely on your connection
>> to the public internet.
> As we're speaking of the internet, it also depends on the route and so
> it depends on servers which are not underlying your administration (in
> most cases at least).
> Having several servers with gigabit internet access also might be more
> expensive than a cat6 patch cable and a gigabit nic. So this setup
> would be just mad.

It's a moot point, but I know for a fact that such a setup can work just
fine.  I'm surprised you didn't even consider performance requirements
when you started making such blanket statements.


Per Jessen, Zürich (10.7°C)

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