on 04/24/2009 10:17 PM Ron Piggott said the following:
> I am on a shared web site hosting company.  They are asking me to edit
> my PHP script to specify the SMTP using $aditional_parameters on the URL
> below.  If this can't be achieved then I need to confirm this.

No, AFAIK you cannot configure the SMTP server that way, unless your Web
hosting company hacked the mail function. Otherwise, I think they have
no idea how to do it and are wild guessing.

The fact is that you do not need to use an SMTP server, especially if
your web host is run on Linux or any Unix like system.

In Linux the mail function just injects the message in the local mail
server queue and from then on the mail server sends the message to the
remote recipient domain SMTP server so it reaches the destination mailbox.

You may want to watch this slide presentation that has a slide that
explains exactly how mail messages are routed. Take a look at slide 13.



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