Thanks for the reply Richard!

> Never done this, but could you set environment variables, which would
> then be picked up by PHP (and stuffed in $_ENV)?

This seems like a good idea, if i mix this with the popen() idea, i
wouldnt need /dev/shm or any files at all then...  but the problem
remains that the PHP code will need to be setup to get its querystring
(and other web-related data) in the $_ENV global instead of whatever
was done before (ie using $_GET, $_COOKIES, etc...)

I could create a simple function that would set all these globals
correctly, copying the info from $_ENV to the proper global var. This
function would need to be placed at the begining of any 'main' php
files (ie index.php but not in the files it includes).

Hopefully, I'm looking for a way that would not require any hacking of
the PHP files that are currently working with other webservers...


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