Sorry for the delay in response.  I was able to figure the number_format() 
function out.

Thanks for all your responses.


""Gary"" <> wrote in message
>I cant seem to get this to work for me.  I want the number to be formated 
>to money (us, 2 decimal points).  I have gone through manual, tried 
>money_format, number_format, along with setting the variable, but I cant 
>seem to get it to work. I'm sure it is something simple I am missing.
> Thanks for the help.
> <?php
> $sale_value=$_POST['sale'];
> $assess_value=$_POST['assess'];
> $mil_rate=.03965;
> $ratio=.51;
> $present_tax=($assess_value) * ($mil_rate);
> $correct_tax=($sale_value)*($ratio)*($mil_rate);
> $savings=($present_tax)-($correct_tax);
> echo 'According to the information you have entered<br />';?><br />
> <?php
> echo "You are currently paying now  $ $present_tax<br /><br />";
> echo "According to the information you have submitted, your taxes should 
> be $ $correct_tax <br />";?>
> <br/><?php
> echo "According to our calculations, a successful assessment appeal could 
> save you annually on your current real estate taxes. <b>$ $savings</b> ";
> ?>

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