On 26 April 2009 22:59, PJ advised:

> kranthi wrote:
>> if $Count1 is never referenced after this, then certainly this
>> assignment operation is redundent. but assignment is not the ONLY
>> operation of this statement. if u hav not noticed a post increment
>> operator has been used which will affect the value of $Count as well,
>> and this operation is required for the script to work.
>> the script should work even if u replace
>> $Count1 = $Count++;
>> with
>> $Count++;
>> Kranthi.
> Not quite, since that would change the $Count variable and
> that is used
> leater in the code.

Um -- I must be missing something here, because those two statements
have exactly the same effect on $Count, incrementing it by one (and you
said the first statement fixed your problem, so logically the second one
must too).

In fact, because you've used a post-increment, the statement

   $Count1 = $Count++;

ends up with $Count == $Count1+1, and $Count1 being the original value
of $Count!!

This whole scenario smacks to me of a classic "off-by-one" error --
either $Count actually *needs* to be one greater than the value you
first thought of, or some other value you are comparing it to should be
one smaller than it actually is.



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