At 9:40 AM +0100 4/27/09, Richard Heyes wrote:

 I know it's probably heresy for a lot of coders, but does anyone know a
 function or class or regexp or somesuch which will scan through a PHP
 file and convert all the CamelCase code into proper C-type code? That
 is, "CamelCase" gets converted to "camel_case". I snagged a bunch of
 someone else's PHP code I'd like to modify, but it's coded the wrong
 way, so I'd like to fix it.

 (I'm teasing you CamelCase people. But I really would like to change
 this code around, because it doesn't happen to be my preference.)

I'd say, if you must, then change as you go. If you do it all in a
oner you'll likely introduce a shed load of problems.

Richard Heyes

Not only that. but it you leave each function alone until you work on it, then you'll have at least some indication of where/when an error has been introduced.

Many time when I'm using a piece of code that isn't formatted as I like, I first get it to work as I want changing only the functions that I must change. After everything is working, I then step through the code, reformat, and change in small steps.




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