Michael Shadle wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 3:27 PM, Daevid Vincent <dae...@daevid.com> wrote:
>> I just didn't want someone to think this was the caliber of code I wrote!
>> ;-)
> totally understood. i don't like people getting the wrong idea of my code too 
> :)
>> I am using Trac personally, but I'm not a fan of Trac's ticket system. Roach
>> is way more powerful in that respect, but the overall Wiki/SVN/Ticket/Plugin
>> integration outweighs the lacking Ticket system.
> Me too. The whole wiki style is a bit funky for ticketing.
> I think bugzilla is nasty and I hate supporting old CGI programs. It
> just seems like they never change design-wise, definately UI but also
> conceptually for the most part.
>> The hooks with SVN are also great. For example someone couldn't commit to
>> SVN without the corresponding CR in Roach in the commit message. I thought I
>> had the SVN pre-commit and post-commit hooks in the tarball, but apparently
>> not. They were written in Ruby, so maybe not so useful to you anyways. I'm
>> sure i have them somewhere if you really wanted them.
> Sure, you should include them in the package.
> Worst case if we wind up doing something with hooks I can use them as
> a cue on how to reject without including a ticket ID for example, etc.

OK, so I'm just now jumping into the conversation, not because I use or
need a ticketing system, quite the opposite.  I have rarely used a
ticketing system and wonder whether this discussion is more about a
ticketing system (I have a problem with this service/widget and need
help) or bug tracking (software has bug, from user or dev)?

#1  Which one are we talking about?
#2  Having rarely used either, what are the main (must have) features?
#3  What are the needed features that other OSS solutions don't offer?
#4  What are the great features missing from free and commercial apps?


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