Troy Oltmanns wrote:
> I have the code below being used to rifle through a list of available
> categories and create select options for them. The code is being used to
> query the database and compare the product category to the current
> iteration, if there's a match, then add selected code so the category is
> prechosen. More code (not included) does the saving and all that, I've check
> phpmyadmin. But when the page submits, the old category appears in the drop
> down as selected. If I leave the page and come back it's fine, it's just
> right after it is saved. The form script is being used on itself, in that
> there is only one file for the form, the submission, etc. All of the other
> input elements will load the data after being saved, is it something
> specific to dropdowns, or it is the way the code is being instatiated?
> All help is much appreciated. Please let me know if anymore info is needed.


$catlist1 = "";

// read product
$catmatch = "SELECT prod_cat0 FROM product WHERE dbi='$dbi';";
$catresult = mysql_query($catmatch);
$catquery = mysql_fetch_array($catresult);

// read categories
$sql = "SELECT category FROM categories ORDER BY category;";
$result = mysql_query($sql);
while ($col2 = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {

        $id = $col2["category"];

        if ($id == $catquery['prod_cat0']){

                $catlist1 .= "<option value=\"$id\" 

        }       else {

                $catlist1 .= "<option value=\"$id\">$id</option>";



> to instantiate <?=$catlist1?>

The only data you need from table product is the column prod_cat0, from
table categories it's category, so you should read only the needed data
instead of using * for better performance.

Take the SQL and verify if it returns what you want it to return then.

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