Thanks for your response.

The error I am getting is when I am defining a variable.

(line 15) $percent_difference=($assess_difference)/($assess_value);

Does this make a difference?

Thanks again for all your help.


"Christoph Boget" <> wrote in message
>> I have a script that is a result of data entered in a form
>> On the script (when I test without data entry), I am getting a warning 
>> that
>> Warning: Division by zero in .inc.php on line 15.
>> The warning is correct, however the viewer cannot access the second 
>> script
>> without entering the data that would cancel the warning.
>> Is this something I should worry about? or would it be better to right in 
>> an
>> isset?
> Well, just as a general rule, you'll want to validate all possible
> user input.  That includes checking whether or not particular input
> has been defined, whether or not it is valid for it's intended use and
> whether or not it's malicious.
> Applying that guideline to your situation, I would check to see if:
> * the input is set
> * the input is numeric
> If either or those are not true, I would default the value to 1 since
> division is being used. e.g.,
> $iVar = 1;
> if(( isset( $_REQUEST['MY_NUMBER'] ) && ( is_numeric(
>  $iVar = $_REQUEST['MY_NUMBER'];
> }
> $iCalculatedValue = $x / $iVar;
> thnx,
> Christoph 

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