re: Eclipse, PDT plugins for hosting, scaling and managing PHP apps.

Aptana has released a new suite of tools for PHP developers that extends the popular Eclipse PDT environment. The plugin for Eclipse, called Aptana Cloud Connect, lets you get all the benefits of scalable, on-demand PHP hosting in the Cloud with the ease of integration right into Eclipse and PDT (You can plug it into Zend Studio as well).

A few clicks is all that's needed to get a running PHP, MySQL, Apache environment running in about one minute. Then the plugin lets you instantly scale your web and database servers in the Cloud up or down anytime. There's a very useful set of visual database tools for working with your remote database. For file transfers, there's a "Smart Sync" utility that help you keep local projects coordinated with the remote sites.
You can do single file uploads/download and edits as well.

Try it out by adding Aptana Cloud Connect to your Eclipse 3.4 PDT installation.

Download and install instructions:

More info at

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