I'm not trying to get the path, just the filename and size, I know how to 
get these, but that would include the file using $_Files, but I dont want to 
upload anything just use the filename and size.(without the path) to insert 
into a DB.
"Simon" <turne...@gmail.com> wrote in message 
>> Id like to use the popup file system box(<input name="userfile" 
>> type="file"
>> />) to choose a file name , but I only want to upload the filename , not 
>> the
>> file. Can I do that?
> You're not supposed to have any access to the remote visitor's
> computer, and the path to the file being uploaded could contain
> sensitive information (ie. like username of windows user).  There are
> ways to get the information, even to read information on disk without
> the use of a file upload form.  But they are/will be considered like
> security threats and are/will be closed down.
> IMO, whatever way you find to get this information is meant 1) not to
> be portable accross different browsers and 2) to stop working
> eventually.  (Of course unless you ask the user to explicitly type the
> path in a text input)
> What do you need this for? 

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