Michael A. Peters wrote:
Adam Williams wrote:
With the wide range of users on the list, I'm sure there are plenty of opinions on what are good graphical IDE's and which ones to avoid. I'd like to get away from using notepad.exe to code with due to its limitations. Something that supports syntax/code highlighting and has browser previews would be nice features. I'm looking at Aptana (www.aptana.com) but it seems like it is more complicated to use then it should be. Either Linux or Windows IDE (i run both OSes) recommendations would be fine.

Not an ide - I use bluefish, which is a gui text editor with syntax highlighting. It's an X11/gtk2+ application, packaged for most Linux distribution (ie yum install bluefish on Fedora or RHEL)

For previewing, I just run a web server on my development box.

Only hitch with bluefish - the syntax highlighting sometimes gets confused and it drops the highlighting. Press F5 and it reloads.

I believe there is a windows port of bluefish but if I was on windows, I'd probably just use Homesite (not free).

Look at phpEdit. It has everything you are looking for and is rock solid. I love the folding and regions features.

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