On 5/2/09 6:45 AM, "Robert Cummings" <rob...@interjinn.com> wrote:

> It's not what I want, I'm not the original poster.

as op, i think i'm going to stick with the cast. but it's been an
interesting thread and i learned some useful things.

> Regardless though, it
> comes down to the preference of the developer. It can certainly be
> simpler to type:
>     $obj->blah->bleh->bluh;
> than to type:
>     $obj['blah']['bleh']['blug'];

exactly. and i dislike typing

   "SELECT col FROM tab WHERE a=" . $a['blah'] . " AND ... "

or even

   "SELECT col FROM tab WHERE a={$a['blah']} AND ... "

when i could type 

   "SELECT col FROM tab WHERE a=$a->blah AND ... "

which is also easier to read.

i'm really lazy about typing. 

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