A couple years ago, I wrote a simple PayPal gateway. If you'd like, I can
zip up the files and send them to you. It's really not that difficult.

After registering, you have to call a SOAP api, redirect to their page, and
then call another api when they return to your site. I can go into more
detail later if you're interested. As others have mentioned, there are some
more complex Zend framework classes for this, but you may opt for the
simpler and more direct route...

  Brad Broerman

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I'd like to know if somebody already configured a paypal account usin php 
and a mysql database. What are the major things to know when starting to 
code the php code?

I know it's quite a large question but I'd like to know the amount of time 
needed, or if I directly go through a drupal server.

Thanks for your help


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