Tom Worster wrote:
i've an outstanding verification to do for a php bug fix. can anyone point
me at instructions for compiling the latest csv snapshot for testing on os-x
without installing over my current installed php?

I assume you can compile as a non privileged and set a prefix during configure that make install will respect.

One word of caution - make test will sometimes fail (linux systems) if an existing php installation exists, it's probably because it finds the installed php first in it's path, if you can set up a chroot build environment that's probably best, as you can then run make test after make without version conflicts causing test failures.

But to avoid over writing your existing php - log in as an unprivileged user, give write permission to /opt/testphp (or something similar) and use that as a prefix when configuring php - then you can run configure, make, make install as an unprivileged user and make install won't have permission to over write your existing php.

I'm not familiar with OS X but that should work.

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