Miller, Terion napsal(a):
I need help/advice figuring out why my query dies after 2 records.  Here is
the query:

         // Build your INSERT statement here
 $query = "INSERT into `warrants` (wid, name, age, warrant, bond, wnumber,
crime) VALUES (";
    $query .= " '$wid', '$name', '$age', '$warrant',
'$bond', '$wnumber', '$crime' )";
        $wid = mysql_insert_id();

// run query
mysql_query($query) or die ("GRRRRRRR");

  echo $query;

It inserts two records and dies half way thru the 3rd?
Thanks in advance for clues to fix this.

Should be:

$sql = ...

$query = mysql_query($sql) or die(...

while ($r = mysql_fetch_array($query)) { ....


Notice that you need to assign the mysql_query to a $query variable!

If you understand this, then there's most probably a mistake in your SQL statement.


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