On 5/5/09 8:47 AM, "Maarten Schalekamp" <maarte...@scullix.co.za> wrote:

$targets[] = "http://www.greenecountymo.org/sheriff/warrants.php";;
 $targets[] = "http://www.greenecountymo.org/sheriff/page2.php";;
 $targets[] = "http://www.greenecountymo.org/sheriff/page3.php";;
 foreach ($targets as $target_url){

I think this is pointing me in the right direction, I put in a few of the urls, 
but got the blank page of php death.  I changed this part:

  $html =

  $html =
file_get_html('$target_url');  maybe this part is not done right?

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