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 I'm a totally newbie to php/Mysql but I'd like to know if it is normal that
 I have to connect 3 times to the db in one page.

 For example, I have

 1. A connection for the login / pass a $_SESSION['login'] before the HTML

 2. I need to say hello to the user so I reconnect, run a query to select the
 user having the login and echo 'Hello '.$user['login'].'!''

 3. I need to show him his friends a bit later, so I have to connect a last
 time and re-run a querry because I can't use the data $user that I used in
 my upper php code...

 Is there a walkthroug to have only one connection for the page?




The way I usually have a user navigate a protected site is to first to have them identify themselves via a logon/password script -- and then I store their user_id in a SESSION. Note, I do not store all their data in a SESSION, just their user_id. The user_id should be an unique auto_increment integer primary key from your users' table.

At the start of each protected page, I have:

<?php session_start();

$user_id = isset($_SESSION['user_id']) ? $_SESSION['user_id'] : 0;

if($user_id == 0)
   header('location: login.php);

// proceed with processing

As such, I check if $user_id > 0 -- if so, then I process the request as directed. If not, then I send the user back to login.

As for connecting to the database, I connect as needed to get information needed. I do not use SESSIONs to store all the data to be passed from page to page, I gather only what's needed for that page.

I also make sure that when I open a connection, I close the connection I may have several open/close statements within a page, but normally I try to avoid that.



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