tedd wrote:
> At 3:14 AM -0700 5/6/09, Michael A. Peters wrote:
>> Peter Ford wrote:
>>> tedd wrote: (and I added in some extra bits...)
>>>> You need to normalize.
>>>> Authors should have an unique id in an authors table. The authors table
>>>> has all the specific information about authors, but not the books they
>>>> have written.
>>>> Books should have an unique id in a books table. The books table has
>>>> all
>>>> the specific information about books, but not the contributing authors.
>>> Like the ISBN, for example - that should be unique enough for anyone...
>>> I suppose if you deal in antique books, there might not be an ISBN.
>> Unfortunately sometimes an otherwise identical but different printing
>> of the same book has different ISBN numbers. Sometimes the difference
>> is hardback vs softcover, special edition, or just a reprint.
>> The L.O.C. catalog number may be better, AFAIK there is typically only
>> one LOC number per edition of a book. It is a good idea to record both
>> (if both exist) and use an internally assigned substitute number when
>> one, the other, or both don't exist (small run self published works
>> often don't have a LOC number for example, if the author didn't want
>> to pay for it).
> But for a database, a book identifier would probably be best (differing
> opinions on this) if it was simply an auto_increment unsigned integer
> primary key. A key that is generated upon entry of a book record.
> Certainly one can argue that using a different unique key might provide
> more information and make the table require one less field, but if one
> uses a primary key, then the field can be searched faster than using a
> ISBN or L.O.C., which may be duplicated, amended, or not even present.
> My thinking on this is a unique identifier for the book should not be
> tied to any attribute of the book, which may change, but rather
> something completely detached and artificial.
> Cheers,
> tedd


That is, in fairness, probably what I'd do too: I might have the ISBN or LOC
number as a detail field in the book record, and have it available for look-ups,
but the primary key would just be a sequence number generated automatically.
Same with authors, just a sequence number for the key. (I am not a number, I am
a free man...)

These things do not need to be visible to the user. Just an implementation
detail, nothing to see here... :)


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