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> Tom Worster wrote:
>> there's a control structure i wish php had: a simple block that you can
>> break out of, e.g.
> As Maarten pointed out you could use a function. Another alternative is
> to use Exceptions which might be the most proper way to do it.

in a thread off-list i commented on the use of a function. here's what i

yes, it's just like that. i could wrap a function around the logic. and
sometimes i use that trick.

the downside to that is access to globals. for many of my scripts there's a
common pattern:

1 get set up.
2 process inputs, checking and preparing data for use 3 and 4 or aborting to
an error handler at the end of this section (which is what the breaks all
jump to) if there's a problem with the input.
3 do some work
4 prepare an output page

in this scheme, it's convenient if 2, 3 and 4 all have access to the same
namespace, so i don't usually use the function approach.

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