Igor Escobar wrote:
> hun...by the way.... I forgot to mention, I am Brazilian and here in Brazil
> these words are not common ...

Yes, but you can reuse your function even if you start accepting english
 posts/comments, etc.  You don't want this function to be specific to
your app or data because it isn't extensible or portable.  Also, I
suspect that there are some words in portuguese that "contain" "or",
which would be removed.

> That is a recursive function and i can use array_map becouse i some cases we
> obtain arrays of arrays and that will generate a error.

Yes, it is recursive, so that it works on arrays of arrays :-)  No error
that I have seen.

$_GET = array(
        'test' => 'some stuff "here"',
        'test_array' => array('a"a','b`b',array('x"x','y`y','z'))


    [test] => some stuff \"here\"
    [test_array] => Array
            [0] => a\"a
            [1] => b\'b
            [2] => Array
                    [0] => x\"x
                    [1] => y\'y
                    [2] => z




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