On Sat, 2009-05-09 at 18:35 +0200, Cesco wrote:
> Ok, I suppose that this should be a very simple problem and probably  
> the answer is obvious, but I really can't understand how the classes  
> and the rest of the stuff works in PHP...
> Let's suppose that we have this piece of code:
> <?php
>      class Duck {
>               function __construct() {
>                       while(1==1) {
>                               // This is an infinite loop
>                       }
>               }       
>      }
>       echo "Hello world...";
>       $DonaldDuck = new Duck();
> ?>
> I have put an infinite loop in the class constructor just to introduce  
> a problem that will halt the execution of the PHP code.
> Now, If I run this code I would expect that the PHP interpreter would  
> print the "Hello world..." string, and then it should call the class  
> constructor with the infinite loop inside of it.
> But that doesn't happen.
> Instead, the PHP interpreter enters IMMEDIATELY into an infinite loop,  
> as if the variables were declared immediately and then the rest of the  
> code is executed.
> Is it right? Because I'm having really hard times in debugging a PHP  
> class

Presumably you're doing this on the shell (versus in a web page). You
need to send the newline ("\n") character since most terminals buffer
the output until a newline character is encountered. If htis is a
webpage you are in for even more trouble since browser often won't
output anything until they receive at least X bytes (where X depends on
the browser).

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