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On May 8, 2009, at 12:37 PM, Tom Worster wrote:

On 5/8/09 11:09 AM, "phphelp -- kbk" <> wrote:

Just something I'm curious about: When I run PHP on my development
box (W2K), I just get one session file per connection which gets
deleted (usually) after the session expires.

When I look at the session files on the client server (linux/apache),
there seems to be one session file per page click. I needed to clear
them a few minutes ago, and there are already 80+ files, and this is
just from one user (a tester -- this is in late-late-late beta).

Now, there is nothing wrong -- everything is working fine -- I am
just curious if Apache does this differently, or if there is a
configuration setting that governs this (I haven't found -- but only
did a cursory look).

Anybody willing to take the time to enlighten me?

have you satisfied yourself that what you're seeing is not just an artifact
of how the session garbage collector works?

maybe compare the gc parameters on the two different machines? phpinfo()
displays the values.

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