I need to know the best way to dynamically watermark images via gd.

This is an example of what I currently have:


That's using Lucida Mono. A really nice monospace font (very similar to Apple's Monaco), the font I like to use in text editors, but perhaps not the best font for watermarking.

This is an example of a much better watermark:


I'm not sure what font that is (anyone know ??) but that site looks like it somehow adds a black border around the font, making the watermark much better.

With mine, on certain backgrounds the watermark has to moved from one corner to another or the color has to be changed in order for it to properly show.

That site is also coded in php so I'm guessing that the watermark is added using a php technology.

Can someone enlighten me on how that is done?

Also, while not php related, could someone enlighten me of a really good font to use for watermarking images?

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