On Wed, 2009-01-28 at 23:42 +0000, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
> I hate div'itis as well. Some people seem to think it's a big faux pas
> to use table tags now, when that couldn't be more wrong. Use tables for
> tabular data, CSS for the rest (with as few exceptions - and there are
> always some eh - as you can manage.) I've seen people try to rebuild a
> table of data, that you might represent in a spreadsheet, as a
> collection of div's. Bad form, as the data has now lost all meaning.
> This is the same as replacing all your <h1> tags with <div
> class="header1"> or <strong> with <span class="bold">. Silly idea, slap
> on the wrist, don't do it again.
> Personally, CSS is my preferred way of working now. I can define a whole
> bunch of elements, semantically as possible, and then can redefine the
> look as often as I wish afterwards with CSS. Look at the CSS Zen Garden
> if you don't believe how useful this is. Rather than going through a
> bunch of page to replaces tables, or PHP code to change the output
> layout, you can redefine your CSS to alter the look. It's not a black
> art, it just needs a little practise. Remember how bad we all were when
> we first started using HTML? It's exactly the same thing here!

I thought I'd dredge up this old, old topic to add some comments about
some recent stuff I did since this thread (or many similar to it) were
in the back of mind. Specifically I was creating a new look and feel for
my MUD hobby website and I wanted to make use of lots of PNG images with
alpha transparency. Additionally I wanted variable width. I felt tables
were the best approach for this because div based sliding door
techniques and multi-level div containers don't work when the alpha
transparency will reveal the underlying sliding or container background.
I just don't think I could accomplish the same results using divs and



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