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Thank you to everyone again for your help...


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I was thinking of creating a php include for the <meta> tags for a site. Is this possible?


just an idea.. if you ran the content of the page through a semantic extractor such as open calais or yahoo term extraction, then that'd be 100%(ish) accurate meta keywords without you worrying.

but as everybody else said - yes

That's an interesting idea. But the point of meta tags (excluding Google because as i understand it, they don't consider them) is that the title of the page and meta tags description and keywords are supposed to be in "harmony" with the content of the page they are on.

While one could create a "semantic extractor" that would create the "perfect" meta keywords and description for any piece of text, the "perfect" arrangement might not be what you actually want.

IMO, nothing replaces deliberate thought as to what you ultimately want SE's to index. If nothing else, it seems to work for me. While I get good reports from Google, Yahoo, AllTheWeb and AltaVista, I never seem to get my sites listed with MSN.




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