Hi All,

Does anyone know how to send sms through a php website. I am completely new
to the requirement and don't know even the pre-requisite of doing it. You
can also drop in link to a good tutorial. Any help will be highly

Thanks and Regards,
Dheeraj Bansal

Never implemented something similar but I will share what I know. If you manage to set up an SMS gateway it will probably provide you some means (like an API, a spool-like directory, database etc) to pass messages to it. You can probably use PHP 's capabilities to pass the sms to the gateway and use it this way to send the message to the subscriber.

Generally speaking this is the plan. But you will need to have a working SMS gateway and walk through its aspects and details.

I am not sure but I think there might be someone selling the service that you may pay to use it in your site.

I am sure that someone more experienced than me will reply when the time is right.


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