Thodoris Goltsios wrote:

Thodoris wrote:

Is fileinfo pecl extension installed as a package or with pecl? In case it is installed as an rpm try to remove it and install it as an extension in case the package is broken for some reason.

I installed it with PECL:

/usr/share/pear/bin/pecl install fileinfo

Other question: where does PECL install this? It's not under /usr/share/pear AFAIK. This is the same as with the dev box, so I don't think it's an issue; I'm just curious.

Pear and pecl are different. Pear is used to install pure PHP-coded extensions that you can include in your projects. You can use this piece of code that pear provides by just copying it somewhere and including it though not recommended IMHO. Pecl on the other hand provides C-coded extensions that you need to compile and may provide for eg APIs for known libraries that must exist in your system.

That is what pecl command does downloads, compiles and installs the extension.

Right, of course. I wasn't thinking about that clearly.

A wild guess is that your modules probably live under the /usr/lib/php/modules directory or in a directory under the /usr/lib/php. is, indeed, in /usr/lib/php/modules. But I know it's enabled, in any case.

So, anyone know if this extension doesn't work well with 5.1.6?

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