PJ wrote:
> How does one deal with tag completion from an include file to the
> main(source)-file?
> i.e. c should a tag, such as <head> or <div> be closed withing the
> include file? Or can <body> be started in the include file and closed in
> the main-file?

It doesn't really matter, however it may be easier to decipher and/or
change later if things are in the same file.

i.e.  many apps use a header.php that includes html, title, head, and
meta tags, maybe body.  They include this on every page, then at the
bottom of every page they include a footer.php that may add a standard
copyright and closes out body html etc.

Many times, repeatable html after the body tag may be included in the
header or in another include file like menu.php or something.

> Crossing the border, so-to-speak, doesn't seem to matter; but how does
> this affect validation and execution?
> Anyone have a clarification, please?

Validation is done on the resultant html output so it's not affected.
Every file include takes time to execute the include, however it's
probably negligible unless you have a very high number of includes.


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