I know this really isn't a correct list, but I know most of you have
experience in getting hosting, etc and you have been very helpful in my PHP
troubles, so maybe you can help me here, too!  :)

Anyway, my site is currently colocated at a small ISP, that charges as

$265 - 2U rackspace + 8 GB traffic
+$8 each GB over 8

I just got my invoice for June, totaled at $947.  That's 77 GB over my
alloted 8 GB.  The site is growing and is very popular, so I am not
questioning the bandwidth number, but I am asking about the bandwidth rate.

Is $8/GB too much?  Last I checked most hosting providers charge by how much
continuous bandwidth I use, for instance 512 kbps, 768 kbps, 1.5 mbps, etc.
What kind of numbers can you all give me for comparison?  I want to see if I
am getting ripped off....

Ryan Shrout

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