At 7:22 AM -0700 5/15/09, PHPScriptor wrote:
Well, the problem is that I have a lot of forms, a lot of data to output, and
even then, I don't know always where I have a textarea or just a inputfield.
But true, I could even set the nl2br on an input field, it wouldn't make a
But I just don't understand why this problem exists? What's the reason?

Simply, the problem deals with how different systems handle the "end of line" (EOL) character?

You can read more about it here:

What you've encountered (IMO) is just another extension/example of the problem.

Now, your choices are to:

1. Listen to Rob (the wisest) and use the <pre> tag.

2. Listen to Stuart (the wisest) and use the nl2br() function

3. Listen to Sterex (IMO -- who is totally wrong) and put html in your database;

4. Or, listen to me (who is somewhere between Rob/Stuart and Sterex) and use either the <pre> tag or the nlbr() function depending upon what you want to do with the output. Both solutions [1 and 2] provide different ways to handle data. Number [3] simply creates another problem you, or someone else, will have to deal with later on.




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