Tom Worster wrote:

> imagine writing a script to run as a daemon reading data off the
> bottom of a log file that gets updated every few minutes and
> processing each new log line as they arrive.
> i could exec("tail $logfile", $lines, $status) every now and then. or
> poll the file mtime and run exec("tail $logfile", $lines, $status)
> when it changes. there will be some lag due to the polling interval.
> but it would be nice to not have to poll the file and somehow trigger
> the processing of the new line when the log file is written. but i'm
> not sure how to do that.
> any ideas?

1) the inotify interface will alert you when a file or directory

2) run tail -f logfile | <yourscript> and read from stdin. (not tested).

3) if you can change the logfile to a fifo, you're all set.


Per Jessen, Zürich (11.7°C)

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