I noticed that php's way to fill $_GET and $_POST is particularly inefficient when it comes to handling multiple inputs with the same name.

This basically mean that every <select multiple> in order to function properly needs to have a name ending in '[]'.

Wouldn't it be easier to also make it so that any element that has more than one value gets added to the GET/POST array as an array of strings instead of a string with the last value?

I can see the comfort of having the brackets system to create groups of inputs easily recognizable as such, while I can overlook the impossibility of having an input literally named 'foobar[]', having to add [] everytime there is a slight chance of two inputs with the same name.

This sounds flawed to me, as I could easily append '[]' to every input name and have a huge range of possibilities unlocked by that.

This can't be right. Or can it?

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