Here is the problem I am facing now.  I have a site, with a sort-of shopping
cart but heavily modified for the job it does.  The site uses 2 frames: 1
for the cart and 1 for the content.

The customer has Acrobat PDF files that they want links in to add things to
the 'cart'.  If PDF files had the ability to add the target="cart"
attribute, this would be a simple task.  However, I can't find it if it
does.  So, my current solution was to try this:  have the PDF file link to a
temp_add.php file in the same frame, that file then adds to the cart in
other frame, then reverts back to the sender by using the $HTTP_REFERER
variable.  For some reason, the $HTTP_REFERER variable is NULL when it comes
from a PDF file but reports just fine from a regular PHP file or HTML file.

Any ideas?


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