Skip Evans wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a SQL requirement I'm not quite sure how to compose.
> I have two tables, shows, and shows_dates. It's a one to many
> relationship where there is a single entry in shows and multiple entries
> in shows_dates that list each date and time for a play production for a
> run of entries in shows, like
> I need a query that will read each record in shows, but I only want the
> first record from shows_dates, the first one sorted by date, so I can
> display all shows in order of their opening date.
> Not sure how to grab just the first record from shows_dates though.
> Hint, anyone?
> Thanks,
> Skip

Join the two tables like you normally would do and aggregate the opening
date column with your dbms-specific max function and finally group the
result by a distinct value from shows.

It would have bee easier if you stated which rdbms you use ...

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