On 18/5/09 14:20, Al wrote:
It appears this thread has neglected to mention the "display" property
values that emulate table elements, e.g., table-row, table-cell, etc.

It's mentioned them at least twice.

As in: <div class="cell"> where *.cell{display:table-cell}. Thus, one
can make a complete table without once ever using table tags <table>,
<td> etc.

Personally, using the display table properties to avoid using table
tags has left me a bit puzzled.

The point of tabular values of "display" is:

1. Allow the specification of HTML table rendering in terms of CSS, whether for HTML or for arbitrary XML.

2. Allow publishers to differentiate between table cells from which user agents should extract data relationships from other markup for which a grid layout is suggested.

3. Allow users to reformat content to make it easy for them to read with their abilities and devices.

For example, from the table:

<tr><td>France</td><td>65 million</td></tr>
<tr><td>United Kingdom</th><td>61 million</td></tr>

A user agent can extract the population of France.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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