Gary wrote:
Sorry, the first postssss were put in the wrong place...

Not sure this is a direct PHP question, however I know I will get some
answers here.  I have a customer that I am bidding a small project for.
They want to be able to accept credit card payments for enrollment into a
class. Their customer will fill out a form and pay via CC on the site.  Is
this something that I should just look to the host for whatever shopping
cart they have or is there an easy to administer software package that I
should look into. Or since it is a one item cart, is this something that I
could code?

Thanks for your help.

1: all your posts came through almost identical, you only need to do it once then give it a few minutes to come through - it isn't instant

2: some are easy, paypal basically, the rest not so, although if you search php classes you may find some api integrations for 3rd parties.

3: if you can't do it don't bid mate, you'll just get headaches, stick to something you can do or atleast think you can do - there are plenty of people who specialise in things like this and could do it far quicker (and possibly cheaper / better) - no offence indented - my honest advise is to skip this project and do something else, if you're having to ask before you've even got the project you know..

4: all of that is unless you go paypal, a simple paypal buynow button would be a piece of cake and just the ticket


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