Bob McConnell wrote:
They are all going to the same place, so what is wrong?

To address your question, credit cards are not easy. As soon as you set
up a site to accept them you must conform to a number of security and
interface requirements. If you have never done it before, either hire
someone that knows what they are doing, or hire someone to train you how
to do it. The other option is to find a hosting site that provides both
secure servers and credit card authorization services and put your web
site on their servers.

It took us nearly two years to get certification that our servers and
software comply with all of the relevant PCI standards. We have two
projects that are still being evaluated and don't expect final approval
on them until August. There are four people here that are tasked with
monitoring and managing that process.

Bob McConnell

Holy duplicates batman. ;-)

Just some comments regarding 'Shopping Carts' and commerce, and it
being 'scary' :-).

I agree that this is ideally a realm for professionals and maybe
even a realm for niche professionals in many cases.
However, there are 'levels'.
When I hear people say that e-commerce requires multiple
people in multiple rolls, and is 'brain surgery' (as tedd said),
I have to disagree in some respect. I just don't think it is
unattainable for a new passionate developer/WebSite owner
to take on the goal of commerce.

As tedd mentioned, there are canned PHP solutions that may
make a good first effort. In fact, we have a canned product
(not PHP, but WebDNA) that a new user need only spend an
afternoon using a 'Wizzard' of sorts that both creates a site,
and takes care of connecting to your Merchant Account/Payment Gateway to take payments. One afternoon! I'm sure there are similar PHP apps.

Just my ยข.02


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