Peter van der Does wrote:
I have the following situation.

I wrote some software and split it up into functionality:

class core {
  function go{

class A extends core {
  // PHP4 constructor
  function A {


class B extends core {

In core I define functions and variables that are to be used
through out my program and to address those functions/variables I just
use $this-> .

Now I ran into a situation where class A needs to be extended with
another class. This is not my choice, it's part of a framework I have
to use.

Currently I solved this by doing this:

class A extends framework_class {
  $var core;

  // PHP4 constructor
  function A {
    $this->core = new core();

The question I have, is this a good solution, is it the only solution
or are there different ways to tackle this?
As you might see it needs to run in PHP4.

has to extend? if it *has* to extend then you have no choice, but you may want to look up on class inheritance, specifically inheritance vs composition.

also the "isa" / "hasa" rule /should/ always apply.

which one of the following is true
1: A isa framework_class_name
2: A hasa framework_class_name

if it's 1 then you extend
if it's 2 then A should contain an instance of framework_class

class A
  var $framework_class = new framework_class_name();

you can also always proxy the methods you need.

all in, this appears to be a design pattern issue and really can't help any more unless you give some specifics. (like the source of your classes and the framework class you need to extend)



incidentally, I play inheritance vs composition as game with my 4 year old son, and he's really good - the untainted mind of a child can easily solve things us older types find more complex.
eg: car isa wheel, car hasa wheel

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